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Headlines       Vol. 2 Issue 9-10      July 7- July 21 , 1999

Assam-Nagaland border dispute 'disturbed area'

Nagaland Border Affair Minister T. C. K. Lotha has taken serious note of the Assam Government's petition to the Supreme Court regarding the Nagaland-Assam border saying that the solution lay between the two States only.

Mr. Lotha, in a statment, said that the border dispute between Nagaland and Assam could be solved amicably through mutual discussion and understanding. He observed that if the Supreme Court passed a judgement, it would be difficult for both the States to implement it. He refuted Assam's allegation that Nagaland had encroached border areas and charged the Assam Government with rampantly encroaching into Nagaland, citing the instance of Meerapani under Wokha district where Nagas' land was forcibly allotted to Assam soldiers a few months ago.

To maintain status quo along the border, Mr. Lotha said, the Assam Government should immediately withdraw their police posts, some of which are inside Nagaland.

The minister said the government had not received any formal communication from the Supreme Court on the border issue, but asserted that it would take up the matter seriously.

Meanwhile, people of the border areas have appealed to all concerned to find out a permanent solution to the vexed Assam-Nagaland border problem.

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